Home Networking seamlessly integrates your computers, laptops, printers, smart-phones and tablets. Geeks Master loves Home Networking! If you have more than one computer and more than one user in your home, odds are you would benefit from our Home Network services. These days installing a network can be done one of two ways, wired or wireless. Geeks Master will come out to your house for free to consult with you; we will help you pick a Networking solution that works best for you.

  • Home Network selection.
  • Home Network installation and setup.
  • Smartphone and Tablet integration with your network.
  • Home Network Troubleshooting
  • File, Printer and Fax Networking
  • Tablet and Smartphone Networking
  • Home Network integration with your entertainment system
  • Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air Networks
  • iMac Network
  • iPad Network
  • iPhone Network
  • PC Computer and Apple Computer Network
  • How can you network a Mac and a PC? Easily, our Nerds can connect almost any type of computer device.
  • Apple TV Network

Questions nerds often hear about Home Networking

  • Why is my Internet not working? There can be many reasons for this. Sometimes it’s a problem with the modem and it just needs to be reset. Other times your Internet service provider might be having technical difficulties.
  • Are the modem and router the same thing? The modem is what provides your connection to the Internet and the router provides the Wi-Fi signal. Sometimes they are combined into a single unit