Computer Hardware Repair & Diagnostic Flowchart

* My Computer won’t even turn on when I press the start button!
* PC turns on but shuts down right away, or stays on but nothing happens.
* My computer turns on but fails the POST (Power On Self Test).
* Unstable Power Supply . & more…
Hard Drives & Partitions Errors Troubleshoot Flowchart

* No System Disk Found or Boot Partition Errors!
* Boot Sector Not Found.
* NTLDR is Missing.
* Bad Sectors. & more…
Motherboard Troubleshoot & Diagnostic Flowchart

* Defective RAM.
* Burned CPU.
* Hardware Conflict.
* Bad Adapters. & more…
Video Card Troubleshoot Flowchart

* Nothing on the screen.
* Wrong Settings, hardware conflicts.
* Faulty cables.
* Windows loads only in safe mode & more…
Data Recovery

* I NEED to Save / Recover my Data!
* Erased Partition & Data.
* Hard Drive not spinning up data recovery.
Windows XP Reset

* No POST (Power On Self Test) error, but my computer won’t boot Windows XP
Go to Windows XP Repair
* Windows XP loads properly, but the system gives errors
Windows XP Restore
* I prefer to Re-Install Windows XP, as my system is falling apart.
Virus, Trojans & other Malwares

* Free Antivirus Scan – Anti-Virus Scan
* Free Spyware Scan – Spyware Scan
* Free Firewall – Go to Firewalls
* Free Registry Scan – Registry Scanners
Not Sure what the problem is, need a Systematic Hardware Test!

* My computer is giving me Errors and crashes not sure why, I need to start with a Quick Hardware Check.
* I get that famous Blue Screen! Start with a full Hardware Check
* I have NO IDEA what is wrong or where to begin! Begin Here
* I wish I could just ask someone. Go to our Computer Repair Forum